Why does the hose appear to be twisted?

With the hose lying flat, grasp the hose between the thumbs and forefingers and run the hose through your hands. If you come to a spot where the inside jacket creases or twists while the outside seems to remain flat, then this could be a serious problem wand the hose should be returned to the factory for repair or replacement. This normally occurs during the assembly stage and goes unannounced. It is not a problem that would occur during use.

If the complete assembly starts to untwist and the inside jacket remains in sync with the outside jacket, then this would indicate that the hose may have been improperly rolled which causes a permanent crease and gives the impression of a twist. If this is the case, the problem may be rectified by simply rolling the hose very tightly on a mechanical hose winder while manipulating the crease into a flat profile with your fingers. After resting in this posistion for several days, the hose will assume its normal flat lay